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Trademark Practitioner of the Year Anne Nyström joins Kaulo & Partners

The team of internationally recognized trademark lawyers at Kaulo & Partners is growing with the addition of Anne Nyström, who was recently awarded the recognition of "Practitioner of the Year 2024" in the trademark field.

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Children's science educator Kide Science conquered America with its playful brand

Kide Science was founded by a unique team consisting of a researcher, a teacher, and a business expert. This exceptional team created a distinctive brand that has been able to evolve. Their playful science education concept for children, featuring Hoseli the Robot, is now conquering America, state by state. A strong brand, brand rights and good contracts made international growth possible.

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Trademark use and management in social media

In social media, a trademark can be exposed to infringements that weaken its distinctiveness and brand reputation, writes our legal trainee Ida Kemppainen in her blog. She highlights three examples of unauthorized use of trademarks: hashtags, usernames and content that can be confused with another's trademark.

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Register your trademark – don't rely on establishment

[Part 7 of our Brand Rights blog series] Exclusive rights to a trademark can arise not only through registration but in some cases also through the trademark's establishment, although the requirements for establishment are very strict in practice. Our brand rights experts Jani Kaulo and Maria Puronvarsi remind brand owners that registration should always be the primary means of protecting a trademark.

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What does trademark distinctiveness mean and why is it important?

[Part 6 of our Brand Rights blog series] When a company decides on a new brand name to be introduced, it is always worth considering whether the trademark in question is distinctive or descriptive. "Only distinctive trademarks can be registered, meaning only they can be granted exclusive rights," says Jani Kaulo.

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