Brand rights include a company's official names, i.e., trade names and auxiliary trade names; identifiers for products and services, i.e., trademarks; website addresses, i.e., domain names; the design of products or packaging, i.e., design rights; and content, i.e., copyrights.

We advise, assist, and represent our clients in all matters relating to brand rights, conduct brand right audits and surveys, and prepare brand right strategies.


We conduct brand right audits and provide recommendations for actions. We prepare comprehensive brand right strategies to increase the value of corporate brands and to prevent IP related risks and challenges in advance.


We conduct availability searches and handle and coordinate trademark, design right and copyright application processes globally.


We draft technology, trademark, design right and copyright license and assignment agreements.


We monitor globally and report competitors’ new detrimental trademarks with recommendations for actions.


We oppose, apply for cancellation or invalidation of competitors’ new detrimental trademarks in Finland and the EU and coordinate similar processes globally. We defend against oppositions, cancellation actions and invalidation actions initiated by competitors. We assist in settlement negotiations and court proceedings. We represent brand-owners in customs seizures of counterfeit products and assist in detecting and removing fake products from market. We assist in domain name disputes.

Legal opinions

We draft legal opinions on the scope of protection and infringement claims of brand rights, design rights, and copyrights.  


We train directors and employees and start-up entrepreneurs on protection of brand rights, commercialization, enforcement and use of trademarks to add brand value to business and minimize risk of brand loss.

Due Diligence reviews

We conduct IPR DD in corporate acquisitions.