1. Data file controller and contact information

Kaulo & Partners, Licensed Legal Counsels, Ltd. 

Eteläesplanadi 2, FI-00130 Helsinki

Tel. +358 40 6375442


2. Name of the register

Kaulo & Partners’ marketing and customer register. 

3. Purpose of the register

We process our customers' personal information for purposes related to the preparation, management, care, and maintenance of the customer relationship. We process personal data to prepare and execute the contractual relationship between the customer and our company to handle the assignment and customer service, for example.

In addition, we process personal information based on our legitimate interests, such as marketing and the development of our services.

4. Contents of the register

The purpose determines what kind of information we collect in any given situation. The information we process may vary based on what services we use and how they are used, meaning that individuals can also influence what information we process.

We can handle e.g. the following information:

  • Name, contact details (postal addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses), gender, title or position in the organization and language, and in the case of private customers, personal identity number.
  • Information related to the customer relationship and its management, such as communication, assignments, invoicing, and participation in company events.
  • Direct marketing consents and prohibitions

5. Sources of data

Primarily, personal information is collected directly from the individual or from a third party involved in the assignment when we prepare or handle the assignment. Information is collected in connection with the preparation and execution of the assignment, registration and participation in events or feedback / contact, or later during the clientele or cooperation relationship.

In addition, personal information may be collected and updated from our partner registers, corporate web services and applications, and from authorities and companies that provide personal information services.

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6. Disclosure and recipients of data

In principle, the information is not disclosed to third parties. The data will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area unless it is necessary for the performance of a customer or other business connection service. External service providers can be used to process personal data, in which case the requirements of data protection legislation are taken care of by agreements.

7. Registry security principles

We use the necessary technical and organizational security measures to protect personal information against unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction, or other unauthorized processing. Access to electronically maintained information requires the provision of a personal username and password. Information subject to the obligation of professional secrecy shall be treated in accordance with the agreements and good attorney practice.

8. Rights of the data subject

The data subject has various rights related to his/her personal data.

A person entered in the register has the right, after notifying the necessary facts, to know what information concerning him or her has been stored in the personal register. The data subject has the right to prohibit the processing and disclosure of his data for direct advertising, distance selling and direct marketing, as well as market and opinion research, and the right to request the correction of incorrect information by notifying in writing.  

This privacy policy is also available as a PDF from this link