Kaulo & Partners is a boutique law firm specializing in brand rights

We are the only law firm in Finland exclusively focused on the protection, enforcement, and utilization of brand rights. Brand rights are a highly specialized field of law that requires deep expertise. Our lawyers are experienced professionals in the field, internationally recognized, and highly esteemed among our clients. In addition to our expertise, our clients have access to the industry-unique digital tool KP LegalLandscape®, which enables efficient management of brand rights and contract portfolios.

Our clients are companies for whom brand rights are strategic assets, and they invest in increasing their value. We prioritize quality over quantity and ensure that we can provide the best possible service and proactively engage with our clients. For us, quality means not only documenting in style and care but also understanding the real needs of our clients and finding cost-effective solutions to meet those needs. 

New partner-client relationships typically begin with an assessment of brand rights and drafting or updating a brand right strategy to ensure the most efficient and value-added management of the company’s brand rights. If brand rights mean more for your business than just mandatory registration costs and you are looking for a long-term partner to increase the value of your brand, welcome to Kaulo & Partners.


Our mission is to increase the value of corporate brands through brand rights strategy and its implementation.


Our vision is to be Finland's leading law firm in advising on brand protection, commercialization and enforcement.


Our strategy is to act as a legal partner that provides long-term and proactive support to companies in increasing the value of brand rights and preventing legal problems.


The values of our operations are quality, client benefit, uncomplicatedness, personal service and ease.


We support our clients in international growth. Anchoring a company’s strong brand in brand rights is essential in international markets. We have a wide international network of IP industry experts around the world, and we are members of several international organizations.