The availability of key domain names corresponding to the new brand name should be ensured well in advance before making the final decision on the name of the new brand  as well as its registrability as a trademark, reminds our lawyer Maria Puronvarsi.

Launching new brands is fascinating! But do branding and marketing teams remember IP protection to secure these significant investments?

When launching a new brand, careful planning is crucial also from the perspective of the availability and registrability of brand rights, as well as the freedom to operate in the market without risk for infringement of the IP rights of others.

Therefore, branding and marketing teams must work in close and active cooperation with the legal team or legal partner as early as possible to avoid IP related business risks.

Well before a new brand is launched, the availability for use and registration as a trademark and as a domain name must be checked. Further, be prepared to go with a second or third choice if the selected brand name and domain name cannot be registered or acquired.

Domain names are needed to support brands

Domain names are vital brand rights to companies as domains are needed to support brands.

The basic rule is that domains should be registered in those countries where your company is doing business, where your company has presence and where the products or services are going to be offered.

Also, proactive registrations should be considered to ensure future business plans.

In case domain names are registered for a campaign, it is recommendable to keep the registrations valid not only during the campaign but also at least 1−2 years after the campaign.

Brand right strategy supports the launch of new brands

Brand right strategy ensures that a company has a carefully prepared operating model for the launch of new brands. Domain names are an important part of a brand right strategy.

When the company has already thought out the processes and criteria, where, when and how registrations are applied for and how the brand rights are monitored and defended, it also facilitates the launch of new brands as well as the planning of registered brand rights at a sufficiently early stage.

The brand right strategy also includes a regular review of the portfolio to ensure that the registrations are up to date.

We are happy to help companies in drafting brand right strategies for the support of brands and increasing their value for the business. We also help with all availability searches, considerations and problem situations related to trademarks, domain names and other brand rights.

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